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New Series: Some honest advice for applying to a large company

A person who shall remain nameless currently asked me to recount my experiences applying to a certain giant software company based out of Redmond for an article they’re writing.  I’m fairly certain this article is going to be a sort of “what to expect when you’re interviewing” sort of deal since the publication is rather tightly bound to said Redmond based company.  It occurs to me this is a good idea, but not very practical.  First off its not very original since there are literally hundreds of sites, blogs, and videos already posted on this exact same subject.  Do we really need another?  Second it doesn’t really provide any useful information, by which I mean information a person could use to actually effect their future.  Third it more than likely won’t address the decision making process which is actually more important than the interviews and such.  Fourth … well you can probably see where I’m going with this rant so I won’t need to prattle on like a threadbare coated fellow on a milk crate.

So in the interest of posterity, here is a bulleted list of advice I have based on successful experience for successfully breaking into a large software company we’ll call “Yahgooglesoftapplebayzon … bee-emm” or something similar.  I haven’t quite worked that one out yet.

  • Decide if this is really for you – There is no more stability in a large company than in a small one
  • No seriously, really think long and hard about it – Bureaucracy and politics will be your new best friend
  • Do your homework – Which division, department, product, and role is right for you?
  • Take honest stock of yourself – Are you really going to appeal to a company like that?  With those shoes?  Really?
  • DO NOT apply through the company website – Welcome to the white hole of HR
  • Ask every friend and relative and colleague you know for leads – Even janitors can land a referral bonus
  • Move to your target region – The myth of relocation expenses
  • Explore back door options – The Tulsa offices need staffing too
  • Contracting, consulting, and freelancing – Keeping out of the “Friend Zone”

I started to write out little summaries, and then realized I can’t.  There’s just too much to chat about in the space even my blogs allow.  Well either that or I’m just really chatty.

I’ll be following up on these as soon as I get the actual responses updated for the fine fellow from JP Amapalooglesoft.

Yeah, still working on it.


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